This excellent book is for all women who want to stand up and be counted. Penny Nance has handled controversial issues with dignity and honesty. As you read this thought-provoking book, you will find many ways to express your convictions as a Christian conservative woman. I heartily recommend this for women who want to make a difference. — Dr. Beverly LaHaye, Chairman, Concerned Women for America


Penny Nance is a fearless culture warrior who takes opponents apart and shreds their shallow left-wing nonsense for the drivel it is. And she does it with a smile that belies the toughness that she has. Penny proves that a conservative woman can be intellectually and spiritually prepared for anyone or anything — anytime. You’ll love her book Feisty & Feminine! — Mike Huckabee, former-Governor of Arkansas, Serving from 1996-2007


Penny Nance is one of today’s boldest and most outspoken conservative women of faith. In this book, Penny exposes who is really waging the “war on women,” and it's not who you've been led to think it is. More feisty and informed women are exactly what our country needs. — William J. Bennett, Former Secretary of Education, Host of Morning in America